Monday, November 14, 2005

A Very Lazy Day

I could ask "Guess what I just learned?" but since there are no readers, who cares? But to further educate the general public, if your URL contains more letters/digits that will fit in the block, the bloc folks will tell you it is not an acceptable address. I learn pretty slow.

After breakfast I took a little nap and woke up just in time for lunch. Then I went over to talk to our neighbor lady about Thanksgiving plans as she has invited us for Thanksgiving with her extended family this Saturday. She has the turkey in the refrigerator, and a ham is coming via her Dad. We are going to bring a couple of salads and a sugar free pumkin pie, four chairs and some flat wear. TG # 2 will come in Central Illinois on the designated T-DAy.

It has been a dreary, dark and sometimes rainy day so the next thing on the to do list is take an after noon nap. I was busy at times rushing Kimmee Sue in and out of the house between showere but it looks like tomorrow will be really wet.

By golly, wouldn`t you know it was just about supper time and Mom had fixed some delicious pork chops and whatever else it takes to make a great meal. After supper and watching the evening news, Kim Sue and I lay down on the floor and play for a half hour or so. It is her preamble for bedtime.

I almost forgot, I found time to go to WalMart and Sam`s. And that is about it for today folks. Are you still awake?